SLUG's outdoor concert series, SLUG Picnic, returned this August with an explosion of late-summer heat and enthusiastic showmanship.

youngassNICO, Phobia the Greatest and MOD @ August SLUG Picnic 08.28

SLUG Picnic

Held on August 28 in front of the SLUG offices, SLUG Mag’s outdoor concert series, SLUG Picnic, returned with an explosion of late-summer heat and enthusiastic showmanship thanks to MOD, who warmed up our ears with a smooth mix of R&B jams and a unique element of storytelling woven throughout his performance. It was the perfect start to a night of hip-hop celebration. With tantalizing aromas wafting over from featured food vendor Cinder Pig and other gems from local artisans that were present, the event was brimming with cheer!

Next to stage was Phobia the Greatest, who brought her trademark trap hooks for a lively hometown show that got the crowd up out of their seats. With the help of her DJ, the two brought an irresistible spirit of fun while performing Phobia’s newest hits like “Different Breed” and “Love Me” and handing out merch to those in the crowd who weren’t afraid to show off their finest dance moves. The fun didn’t end with the close of her set though, as soon after, guests were surprised with a selection of gifts available through a raffle drawing from SLUG Picnic’s sponsors Daily Rise Coffee, Dented Brick Distillery, Gem City Fine Foods, GREENbike, Les Madeleines, Sparrow Electric, and Squatters.

It was with the setting of the sun that youngassNICO took to the stage as the night’s closing act. After the high intensity sets from MOD and Phobia, youngassNICO brought a new vibe to the audience: slightly calmer and with greater emphasis on sparkling lyrical play. Filled with loyal fans, the audience followed Nico through a passionate performance of older tracks as well as highlights from his newest EP, 2RIPE. His set was a perfect balance of multi-textured beats and addictive rhymes to keep your ear trained for every word. And with bellies full of good food, hearts happy from newly purchased art and ears tingling with rhythms of the night, August’s SLUG Picnic came to a spectacular close.

Photos: Lexi Kiedaisch