Local Review: Quiet Oaks – Put Your Dreams Where They Belong

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Quiet Oaks
Put Your Dreams Where They Belong

Street: 09.18.15
Quiet Oaks = Hudson Taylor + Walk the Moon + Ivan & Alyosha

You can almost hear the quintet that makes up Quiet Oaks smiling on their debut EP, Put Your Dreams Where They Belong. The Salt Lake City natives are extremely passionate about their music and this is demonstrated by their enthusiastic live shows and dedicated following. The key was to capture that raw feeling on the album and that is certainly apparent on songs like “Guns” and the title track “Put Your Dreams Where They Belong.” The relaxed, fun and creative side of Quiet Oaks is also present here on “Paint The Forest,” making straightforward rock sound wonderfully carefree. The album has the presence of your favorite classic rock band while still finding enough of its own footing to not step on any old school toes. I whistled throughout the album which gives you a good understanding of the tunes therein. It’s fun, but also bluesy. It’s soft but you can still jump around to it. It’s just an excellent rock album, so everyone download it and support awesome local music! –Benjamin Tilton