Advent Horizon

Street: 05.19
Advent Horizon = King’s X + Storm Corrosion + The Get Up Kids

In progressive rock and hard rock, there are two primary ways that bands separate themselves from the pack. The first is by incorporating very strange/dissonant passages and melodic changes that are extremely difficult, but have very little to do with the original theme of the song. The second is what Advent Horizon employ on their album Stagehound—integrating a multitude of styles played with an extremely high proficiency, while never deviating from the primary key or emotion of the song. By combining modern-sounding rock with a bit of the upbeat tunefulness found on some ’80s prog rock, as well as touching acoustic passages as the base of their music, elements of ’70s funk and R&B with a touch of swing, you’d think Stagehound would leave you with a musical mess. But no, instead you get musical brilliance that’s extremely enjoyable. –RGB Robb