Local Review: All Systems Fail – Self-titled 7″ vinyl EP

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All Systems Fail 7inch
All Systems Fail
Self-titled 7″ vinyl EP

Loderback Records
All Systems Fail = Discharge + Nausea + Chaos UK

Remember the good old days of punk, before the intervention of Hot Topic, AFI, Green Day, mall punks and other assorted corporate shit? Then you need to pick up All Systems Fail little vinyl beast! Metalcore? No! Emo? Fuck no! This is 100 percent angry, pissed-off crust punk! Think Discharge, Nausea, Sore Throat, Chaos UK. This 7″ vinyl EP boasts five kick-ass tracks, my all-time favorite being “Arm Chair Generals”—fucking kills! This release is fairly limited, comes on clear vinyl, and includes lyrics, stickers and a patch for your stinky, dirty old Levi jacket or leather!