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Andrew Aguilera
Future Views

Self Released
Street: 03.18
Andrew Aguilera = C418 + Oneohtrix Point Never

Salt Lake recording artist Andrew Aguilera (well known for his work as Mooninite and in the duo Angel Magic) released his debut album under the name Future Views in March. If you’re into moogs and synths, this album is for you. Aguilera’s music appeals to people who understand the beauty of sitting in something like discomfort or silence. It’s for the listeners; people who notice small, tiny things and appreciate them. This is how I imagine Aguilera navigates the world, and his music turns those small appreciations into art. 

The track titles themselves reflect simple, thoughtful movements—“Build,” “Pulse,” “Unfold” and “Drift.” Based on both the titles and the music, I would be surprised if Aguilera was not influenced by the music of C418, who composed the soundtrack for the popular video game Minecraft. While Aguilera’s music has its own sound—more rounded, deeper and softer—the use of synths to create worlds and stories reflects that of C418. 

The final two tracks, “Interface” and “480p Melody,” stand out the most. At first, I thought it might be because I was fully entranced by the music by that point. Upon listening to the album again, I realized it’s not a mistake—the music changes throughout the album. It evolves into something with more shape, and by the last song it’s almost tangible. My ear poked around, looking behind corners and over edges in every direction. There was a childlike curiosity to the sound. 

Aguilera builds a world through synths, inviting us as listeners not to watch but to inhabit it, explore and decorate it. His Future Views make their way to the present in no big rush; he allows listeners to relish in the process of discovery. As you let the sound wash over you—as you sit in it—what world does your mind create? Harper Haase

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