Angel Magic – 2012–2015

Local Review: Angel Magic – 2012-2015

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Angel Magic – 2012–2015

Angel Magic

Street: 08.06
Angel Magic = Com Truise + Young Galaxy

Angel Magic harbor a pristine electro-pop sound that’s mood settling and fine-tuned to feel smooth and consistent. This compilation of their works may sound familiar to those who’ve frequented their local shows or visited their awesome track “Am I My Lover” on Dirty Provo Vol. 1. That track is on 2012-2015 as well, and is my favorite only for my having listened to it so much on Dirty Provo last year. Every song is consistent with the last in feeling but still remains distinct. The wispy yet strong vocals of Lauren Smith keep the dreamy synthetics sounding organic. Even with lyrics that might be somber, like on “Giving Damns,” the rippling, alien-like effects keep every song bright and warm. –Erin Moore