Local Review: Angel Magic – Generational Color

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Angel Magic
Generational Color

Street: 04.22
Angel Magic = Aphex Twin + Mac DeMarco

A product of eight years of recordings, Angel Magic’s debut album, Generational Color, captures the feeling of liminal space. Each song flows into the other perfectly, making you feel like you’ve entered a new plane of existence. Lauren Smith’s whispery vocals compliment Andrew Aguilera’syou can tell a lot of thought and care went into every line and note. 

The opener, “Blood/Twin Flame,” feels like letting yourself get soaked in a rainstorm as the 808s splash like little raindrops hitting your skin. By the end of the song, the clouds clear and lead into the kaleidoscopey title track, “Generational Color.” 

The pacing of the album picks up with the danciest song on the album, “Everything,” which shows off Angel Magic’s ability to not only take you into the clouds with more liminal songs, but also bring you back down to neon-lined streets with more house music-esque tracks. 

Generational Color softly closes with “Exactly How it Feels,” which might be my favorite track on the whole album. The song puts the album to rest with the lines, “No one can explain exactly how it feels to be themselves / No one can explain, I imagine, how it feels to be themselves.” Paired with the analog feel of the synth in this song, it makes for an unforgettable farewell.

It’s hard to describe the mood this album imparts. It’s wistful for a time you can barely remember combined with the thrill of exploring somewhere new. This album takes you through life, death and rebirth in around 45 minutes. My favorite time to listen to this album is walking downtown before the sun is up—walking through deserted streets pairs nicely with Generational Color’s bright, synth-centered instrumental. If you’re into electronic music in any capacity, you won’t want to sleep on this release. –Elle Cowley

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