Baby Gurl / Gaytheist – Split EP

Local Review: Baby Girl / Gaytheist – Split EP

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Baby Gurl / Gaytheist – Split EP


Baby Gurl/Gaytheist
Split EP

Street: 05.05
Baby Gurl/Gaytheist = Queens of the Stone Age + Fucked Up + Hot Snakes

This split is an example of two great bands doing great things. Our hometown heroes, Baby Gurl, show a lot of change with their contribution. In comparison to A Name and A Blessing, the songs are more focused and don’t wander as much. That being said, the songs are rife with tongue-in-cheek bro-jokes and bass slaps—it just makes me excited for their upcoming LP. Portland’s elite, Gaytheist, offer a quality portion—similar to what they cooked up in Hold Me … But Not So Tight, but new. No ground is broken, but anything Gaytheist do is gold. I loved their albums, but seeing them perform live is way better. Pick this up for two bucks and strap in. –Alex Cragun