Band of Annuals
Let Me Live

Street: 05.08
BOA = Hank Williams + Bob Dylan + Magnolia Electric Company

When the Band of Annuals released their live disc last fall, I wrote that it was the best alt-country record to ever come out of Salt Lake. It now seems the new album sets an even higher bar. Let Me Live revisits many of the same songs from last year’s EP, and –melds- them seamlessly with half a dozen new tracks. The familiar live songs are given their proper studio treatment, without losing any of the warmth that the earlier versions so gloriously conveyed. The end result allows the sometimes delicate percussion and pedal-steel arrangements to take a more prominent place in the mix, right along side the electric and acoustic guitars, and just slightly behind the venerable vocal harmonies of Jay Henderson and Jeremi Hanson. The musicianship is tight and deliberate, the production pure and exact, and every single song begs to be listened to again. Let Me Live is gorgeous, a solid hour of country-noir flawlessness.