Local Review: Band of Annuals – Live Warehouse EP

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Band of Annuals
Live Warehouse EP

Self Released
Street: 11.01
BOA = Neil Young + Emmylou Harris + that dreaded country twang

It’s rare these days that a record can actually exude warmth. Live Warehouse EP does exactly that. From the first song, “Thought I’d Have Learned,” to the final “Blood on my Shirt,” these seven live tracks tug at your heart strings and make you long for a time when communities lived and died by what was playing on their phonographs. Classic country and folk themes like alcohol, infidelity and regret are all present here. The songwriting and sheer musicianship represented on this disc will make you wonder why Band of Annuals is not the best-selling band in every music store in Utah. They should be, the record is that good. It is the best alt-country music to ever come out of Salt Lake City. It will inspire you to write poetry, to sleep in without guilt and to call an old friend and start planning that road trip through Kentucky that you’ve been putting off for far too long.