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Local Review: Bombs and Beating Hearts – From Dumpsters Rise

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Bombs and Beating Hearts
From Dumpsters Rise

Salty Hobo Records
Street: 06.22
Bombs and Beating Hearts = Harmonicas + pissed off yelling + something I’ve never heard before

Attention kind reader: please ignore my atrocious equation above and buy this. Bombs And Beating Hearts have produced a one-of-a-kind (it probably isn’t, but it’s very new to me) album and I’m in love with it, to say the least. I had attended a few of their shows around the valley and never paid much attention to them, but I was sucked in by the first track. When I phrased it to my friends it went something like this: “Yeah, well, it’s really upbeat. They have a harmonica and a tamborine and they yell like they’re super pissed, and it’s just really cool.” The best thing about the album is that it doesn’t give off the “I’m really creative and unique” vibe. It feels like a group of friends dicking around with some instruments that accidentally created a big fanbase, which I really appreciate. Pacakged inside From Dumpsters Rise is a Johnny Cash cover, which was given a little bit of SLC love to make it special. Unfortunately there is always a black sheep, “Normandie”, was the only really bad song on the album. For those that may call them “Bums and Bleeding Farts”, I can only say “Fuck you.”