Local Review: Bootload of Boogie – Dig It

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Bootload of Boogie
Dig It 

Scratch It Back Records
Street: 03.14
Bootload of Boogie = 311 + Wesley Willis + a Training Table jingle

One thing about living in Utah is that you are among a culture that identifies with goofy, family-friendly humor. Whether it’s in a locally owned company’s television commercial, or in a Halestorm Entertainment film, you will notice it everywhere. Playing from their practice room in Provo, Bootload of Boogie is a product of this as well. Most of the songs follow the traditional formula and feature overly loud, flat vocals, crooning lyrics that are repeated ad nauseam about girls, partying and dancing. Musically, it’s exactly like something you’d expect to hear at a house party in Provo, complete with the milk shakes. Each song sounds like the next, with a copy and paste formula that turns a one minute song in to four minutes. While it’s nice that they’re probably having fun playing music together, I can’t help but think their talents could be put to better use.