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Naughty Man EP

Goodbye Boozy
Street: 04.28
BRAIN BAGZ = The Cramps + Germs^original Misfits

BRAIN BAGZ are a hazy window to the days of true, warm-blooded horror punk. The attitude comes through the vocal delivery, twangy guitar riffs and head nod-inducing drumbeats. Underneath the gritty ruggedness of their production quality, they have the clean catchiness of some rockabilly, à la The Cramps, which makes their sound stand out. While this EP is my first sampling of what BRAIN BAGZ have to offer, it certainly packs a punch and leaves a good impression on the first listen alone.

The first two tracks on the 7” EP, “Naughty Man” and “Hologram People,” have the same edge that the original Misfits did. The tempo is up, it’s fuzzy as fuck all across the board, and there are sticky riffs and simple lyrics. The simplicity and rawness of this EP is truly what makes it stand out. Punk doesn’t have to be complicated, and I think the fun truly comes through when it’s not so refined. Where they linger into Cramps territory is on the third track, “Body Beneath.” It’s here that BRAIN BAGZ introduce a slower, more psychedelic pace that’s entrancing and somewhat sinister. This slowed-down, sludgy track is probably my favorite on the release because of its rolling drums, Lux Interior–inspired vocal delivery and easy bassline.

Really, BRAIN BAGZ are just cool. Their delivery is everything and I find it enjoyable. I really love their interpretation on the days and artists of yore without being gimmicky. The Naughty Man EP doesn’t follow up with an artificial taste, which is nice, especially when there’s so much source material on this genre and style in particular. Naughty Man is definitely going to be spinning on my turntable often. –Zaina Abujebarah

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