Clawson – Old Soul

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Clawson – Old Soul

Old Soul

Street: 04.10
Clawson = Sage Francis + Eyedea and Abilities

Old Soul is an impressively cohesive album/hip-hop autobiography. Clawson’s rhymes are complex, and the theme of being an old soul in an angry, fucked-up world is constant throughout, whether he is talking about his personal struggle or society at large. “Different,” featuring YZE, exhibits Clawson’s rhythmic and storytelling prowess as he raps, “Osh Kosh oh my Gosh / I’m that kid again high on Ritalin,” conveying hopelessness in the past but also a sense of pride for his individuality and how far he has come. Rage Against the Machine is an obvious influence in tracks like “Guerilla Warfare” and “Through Struggle.” Some of the tracks feature beats that seem lackluster or overdone, but Clawson has plenty of talent and guts to make up for this—fans of the local rap scene should definitely take notice. –Ali Shimkus