Microphone Boutique

Pseudo Recordings
Street: 02.19
Recorded at Deep Red Records Studio by Alex Vazques

Well, for starters … their website is broken. Maybe it’s just under construction while they remove all of the haplessly outdated pictures of Wendy (the former COSM frontwoman). The reason I brought it up is because I don’t think I have ever seen a full-length album produced by the likes of the local electronica-hop legends. I thought I could obtain the facts; no can do. Microphone Boutique is another five-track effort by Daniel Day (Drums) and Amuse (Decks and Electronics) featuring Ramases (rigorous raps) and Ms. Karter (sultry song). Every COSM album is a little different. However, as the chosen arrangement of songs played, I couldn’t tell if I was listening to the same record or not. Microphone Boutique bounced from one vocalist to the other, changing the mood on every composition. But let it be known: COSM conveys a genuine harmony and approach to the music they make; maybe that’s what makes a commendably cohesive EP. Who needs a full length anyway?