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Back From The Dead

Street: 01.01
D E M O N S = $uicideboy$ + Horse Head + Wicca Phase Eternal

Calming ambience and white noise welcome you, but as comfort sets in, it is immediately broken by heavily distorted vocals and percussion that sounds as if it was tracked at three-quarter speed. This is the opening track for D E M O N S’ newest release, Back from the Dead.

As mentioned, “LeavingMeBehind” starts very atmospheric as static builds and the vocals fight through the noise and an industrial-sounding bass. This track sucker punches with its vocals and the way the instrumental breaks through the static. As the phrase “We can’t play unless you throw shit on stage,” fades away, the plucking guitar of “Spaghetti” enters with an ambient backing, creating one of the darkest-sounding beats on the album.

The song “Rememberacts as a sort of interlude, relying heavily on a punk vocal sample with about a 40-second song in-between. This track mixes in a bit of energy to this album, which can be more mellow and somber at times. After beginning with the piano, “HowDidItGetSoHardmoves slowly in with a guitar riff and light cymbals, setting up for a heavy bass hit. The way the vocals pair over this dour instrumental continues to add to the emotional mood of the album.

Hitting heavy among an 808-heavy, guitar riff–led beat are the words “Do a line of cocaine just to level out my brain / Find a place amongst the ups and downs where I can dig my grave,” from “SweaterWeather.This is a track about depression and dealing with it through substance abuse. While the track may be short at just under two minutes, it gets its message across without mincing words.

Dark and beautiful—those are the words that come to mind as the opening piano riff dances in and the sounds of birds and nature lay in the background of the album’s closer, “Betteroffalone. The track is a beautiful sendoff, with an alluring opening sequence that suddenly shifts as the drop in beat hits and introduces the haunting lyrics that creep through the song.

D E M O N S has come out with a delightfully dark and raw release with Back From the Dead. This album creates a beautifully bitter atmosphere, and with its shorter runtime, it’s easy to digest and get familiar with. If brooding beats with raw lyrics is what you are looking for, give Back From the Dead a try. – Connor Brady

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