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Local Review: Daemos – Surface

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Street: 06.05
Daemos = Pantera worship + nu metal hopefulness

Daemos deserves credit for being a hard working band, I just can’t give the thumbs up on this release. Vocally, there might be tinges of Mike Patton circa Faith No More, but it only seems to be there for the sake of eccentricity rather than to actually compliment the music. The backing vocals on “Don’t Touch” sound as if they’re doing a David Lee Roth or a Mudvayne impersonation. Musically, the material is definitely solid in places, but most of the time it feels extremely exhausted, with a “been there, done that” experience. If you’re just interested in rocking, this could suffice, but why bother when there’s much better stuff out there? Fraternity boys who throw horns at Metal Gods may enjoy it, but there’s not much deviation from the obvious influences to recommend this otherwise.