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Local Review: Daniel Pimentel – Fear & Trembling

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Daniel Pimentel
Fear & Trembling

Street: 09.22
Daniel Pimentel = U2 + cleopatrick.

Salt Lake City native Daniel Pimentel is a “musical storyteller & songwriter” who just released his new album, Fear & Trembling. It is a 10-track record inspired by the book of the same name by Søren Kierkgaard, offers a philosophical take on what faith (in God) is and what it means to really feel it. 

Fear & Trembling is a beautiful album. Even if you aren’t religious, you can still thoroughly enjoy it through the soft guitar, passionate, questioning lyrics and quiet melodies. “Wonder,” “Ghost Story” and “Sustenance” are the stand out tracks here. “Wonder” fills you with joy, light and nostalgia for cheerful childhood days. “Ghost Story” is hauntly beautiful and sounds like a song you’d hear in a bar somewhere in California on a rainy night. “Sustenance” has you questioning what love is and how we love. It also has a part at the end that you must hear, when the guitar kicks in to full volume alongside the other instruments and vocals. It ends with the sound of rain and a spoken passage.

Daniel Pimentel’s Fear & Trembling is a brilliant album, one where you can both unpack the lyrics and immerse yourself in the beautiful music. –Cherri Cheetah