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Local Review: Dead Bod – Self-Titled EP

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Dead Bod
Self-Titled EP

Menial Fare Records
Street: 11.25.15
Dead Bod = Germs + Consumers

You and everyone subject to your sound system should note and thoroughly enjoy the sheer, brutal and deadly brilliance of Dead Bod. This self-titled EP beautifully captures a contemporary form of the late-’70s L.A. punk explosion, which inspires nostalgia for the movement. It simultaneously unleashes a furious assault yet demands respect. While Dead Bod have only released these four tracks for your listening pleasure, they should be played earsplitting-ly and window-shatteringly loud so as to provoke the proper response of kicking shit over with angst that’s largely missed out on by today’s unsuspecting and unfortunately pacified  youth. Top numbers to dig are “Life’s Out” and “Like Wow.” –Nick Kuzmack