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Deadvolt - Self-titled


As Dark As Light
Deadvolt = Maynard + (early) Korn


Deadvolt takes early, aggressive Flea bass, Tool moodiness, A Perfect Circle melodicism and just a tiny smudge of nu-metal to paint a canvas with a thick, brilliant whirlpool of midnight blue, royal purple, indigo, ebony and cobalt—i.e., blue, purple and black, like shallow bruises under all-too-mortal skin. All the members of Deadvolt are highly accomplished musicians live; they’ve obviously been playing (and practicing) their instruments for years. The pristinely in-pitch, lucid, powerful vocals of Erik Gordon are phenomenal, best showcased in “In the Snow,” capable of going from delicate emotional introspection to shrieking agony in five seconds flat. www.deadvolt.net