Local Review: Debi Graham Band – Bulb Studio – Live Sessions

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Debi Graham Band
Bulb Studio – Live Sessions

Street: Nov. 2006
Ani DiFranco + DiFranco, Ani + Dave Matthews Band

The constant comparisons between Ani DiFranco and Debi Graham Band are understandable. The similarities are numerous: proficient female guitarists, sharp witty lyrics, funky and “fuck you” rock, talented musicians who’ve toured relentlessly for the last five years, etc. While I do appreciate the skill of DiFranco, I do not like her. However, I do like DGB for her better vocal range and more danceable-funky style. The sound quality of this album is low: you have to turn it up really loud to hear at normal volume. If you want to dance you’ll enjoy this album. If you want sound quality try another of her albums and see her live show. -Jennifer Nielsen