Drew Danburry
Becoming Bastian Salazar
Street: 09.16
Drew Danburry = Matt Pond PA + John Vanderslice

Becoming Bastian Salazar is Danburry’s tale of his transition between two personas, where one is sweet and the other a little more sour. While Danburry sticks with the basic elements of a folk style that emphasizes a guy with his guitar, he has crafted an album extravagant in its production yet homely in its lyrical themes and simple melodies. It is this simplicity that establishes an easy connection, and although the lyrics can take you to darker places of the psyche, the ultimate messages that stand out are uplifting and inspiring to use as a life soundtrack. I particularly would have loved it if “Victoria, For all the Girls, or Jef Logsdon” (featuring Damien Fairchild) would’ve been released when I lived in Provo, in order to boost me in that weird town, but alas… –Brinley Froelich