Local Review: Drew Danburry – Goodnight Dannii

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Drew Danburry
Goodnight Dannii
Street: 04.26
Drew Danburry = Conor Oberst + Will Sartain
Provo-based songwriter Drew Danburry can do no wrong. It’s been a few months since his release Goodnight Gary, and now we are blessed with its companion piece, Goodnight Dannii, an album recorded in five different cities: Provo, San Francisco, Chico, Fargo, and Huntington Beach. In the opener “Nirvana, by Kurt Cobain,” he sings of giving up in a whisper over gentle finger plucking and a faint kick drum. This track alone is reason enough for purchase. Danburry pulls out the pseudo doo-wop harmonies on “Optimus Prime is Dead,” while that ever-familiar Conor Oberst-esque yelp appears on “Hero Kensan.” The shuffle of “Kevin Costner Is The Barry Manilow Of Actors” hits, and I’m sold—Goodnight Dannii is damn good and you need to hear this. Show support for one of the hardest-working musicians out there and buy this.