Local Review: Drew Danburry – Goodnight Gary

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Drew Danburry
Goodnight Gary
Emergency Umbrella Records
Street: 02.09
Drew Danburry = Bishop Allen + Will Sartain + Andy Martin
Drew Danburry is one musician I have always been fond of. His music is carefree, fun and over the years, though he releases new albums, he holds a lot of the same pleasantry. With Goodnight Gary, lullaby ‘la-la’s’ replace the memorable ‘doo-wops,’ and sing-a-long ‘ooh-oh’s.’ This, I must say, made it hard to get through the album. Without the catchiness and ability to clap along, the little change in tunes from Introduction to Sex Rock (2004) to This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club (2008) becomes very obvious. But Danburry has always been more about the story than the music, which is reason enough to keep listening.