Local Review: Drew Ehrgott – Departure

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Drew Ehrgott

Street: 07.21
Drew Ehrgott = Beats Antique + VCR5

Local producer Drew Ehrgott has created an aesthetically pleasing album of calming and experimental electronic music. Piano melodies mixed with faint drumbeats make for an album that will sound good in just about any environment you play it in—except maybe a frat party. The music is entrancing, and the calming sounds are perfect for background music. The intricate and well-thought-out music on tracks like “Captive” and the dreamlike “A Moment of Clarity” prove that Drew Ehrgott is a local talent that is not to be missed. Check out the album on his Bandcamp page at drewehrgott.bandcamp.com for a full download and stream of the album. –Julia Sachs