Local Review: Dumb Luck – It’s Not Official Yet

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Dumb Luck
It’s Not Official Yet

Street: 04.16
Dumb Luck  = Yelawolf + Immortal Technique

After a hiatus lasting a little over three years, Dumb Luck has released his third album. It’s Not Official Yet features relaxed beats reminiscent of classic ’90s/’00s underground hip-hop. The track “Rebirth” brings the story of how Dumb Luck became the artist that he is today and how he used music to escape his depression, started to write and eventually made his way into hip-hop.

It’s Not Official Yet is not all serious, though. “My Shit’s Wack” is a hilariously humble song that challenges the hubris of most other rappers, all while pushing the message that he doesn’t need to brag to make his music good. If you were to pick just one song to listen to and summarize what this album is really about, it would be “Broken Home.” The track features a gloomy and dark beat that’s accompanied by vocals and lyrics that tell of Dumb Luck’s come-up. In true fashion, it calls back to a late ’90s/’00s atmosphere. It’s Not Official Yet also features a hidden track tucked away, following the conclusion of “Broken Home,” after a few minutes of silence. Dumb Luck brings a real and dark presence to the usually upbeat and optimistic Salt Lake City hip-hop scene. Its not often that an artist can bring you along on their own come-up story. It’s Not Official Yet is a welcome presence from an artist who hasn’t had an album in a few years. If you’re looking for hip-hop that has dark yet uplifting lyrics and beats reminiscent of the golden age of underground hip-hop, then It’s Not Official Yet is for you. Hopefully, we wont have to wait so patiently for more from Dumb Luck, and if this album isn’t enough, you can check out his other two albums at his band camp dumblucky.bandcamp.com. –Connor Brady