Local Review: Ethan Blackburn – Impressions of Her

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Ethan Blackburn – Impressions of Her

Ethan Blackburn
Impressions of Her

L.A Blue Records
Street: 04.30
Ethan Blackburn = Herbie Hancock + Jaco Pastorius

I think someone is playing a joke on me with this album. Ethan Blackburn’s Impressions of Her consists of two lengthy, non-sequitur tracks and is the strangest cacophony of soft-toned keyboard sounds that has ever intruded my ears. It’s like a bunch of self-proclaimed jazz musicians went into Guitar Center at the same time and tested out different instruments. I don’t … hate it? But I certainly don’t like it, and I listen to weird shit—I’ve been an avid Mike Patton supporter for years. I suppose if someone put this album on at a philosophy professor’s house party in the Avenues, someone might pretend they enjoy it, then they’d steal all of the silverware. The only cool thing about this album was that when you download it you also get the sheet music. Is that cool? I don’t know. –D. Mimms