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Local Review: Famous Relatives – Carte Blanche

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Famous Relatives
Carte Blanche

Streets: 11.07
Famous Relatives = Toro y Moi + Com Truise

Somewhat of an outsider in the local electronic scene, Famous Relatives are back with a unique mix of ’80s-inspired synth, thumping bass and dance-inducing lyrics. Famous Relatives have come quite a way, ditching the heavily LCD Soundsystem–like sound in Electric Signals for something more retro and poppy.

This album is a new wave dream, whirling with kickass synth solos and infectious, electronic drums that set beats that are hard not to dance to. The album kicks off with “Control,” a track that immediately grabbed my attention with an opening crash of glass followed by a growing, bumping synth line and groaning vocals reminiscent of goth vocalists of the ’80s and ’90s. Carte Blanche focuses heavily on a more pop tone throughout, making itself stand out from the darker, experimental electronic music or EDM coming out of the Salt Lake City scene. The track “Untitled Russian Disco” is another standout, brought to life with electronic drums in the outrun-style track, perfect for any Drive enthusiast.

Famous Relatives really knock it out of the park with this release, and the constant experimentation fits this album’s title. Carte Blanche is defined as the complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best, which, to me, best expresses this album overall. Carte Blanche brings a different and well-produced ‘80s-pop fusion, making a mark on the sound Salt Lake City’s electronic music scene has to offer. If you’re looking for dance music that is a bit unique or are just a fan of screaming synths and electronic drum leads, Carte Blanche is exactly what you are looking for. Carte Blanche can be downloaded at famousrelatives.bandcamp.com.  –Connor Brady