Local Review: Ghetto Athlete – Tha Game of Life

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Ghetto Athlete
Tha Game of Life

MadChild Records
Street: 09.04
Ghetto Athlete = Spencer Beats + Lil’ Wayne + K-9

It’s odd to hear a local Utahn Represent Oakland and the Bay Area, but what do I know? Loaded with dopey-dope ass beats produced by Spencer Bridges, this album stands alone as one of the best examples of Fruit Loops mastery. Predictive rhymes about being on the streets and riding or dying fall somewhat flat, but the rhythm keeps time with the meter. Ghetto Athlete doesn’t chase the beat, he rides it. Songs like “Little Sally Walker” keeps the creep vibe alive and definitely changes the albums mood with an almost morbid ambiance while “Skyway” brings the listener back to reality and speak-and-spell understanding. The only thing I can’t wrap my brain around is the strain towards making sure that every listener knows that Ghetto Athlete is from the west coast, but has “mad respect” for the east coast and the dirty south. Quimby and I can agree, Ghetto Athlete has the skills to make his meals.