Her Candane
No Battle! 

Tribunal Records
Street: 11.07
Her Candane = Himsa + Dillinger Escape Plan + Every Time I Die + noise

Salt Lake City homeboys, Her Candane, come out screaming and ready to fight on their Tribunal Records debut, No Battle! Blending metal, hardcore, all the bloody screaming and layering of screaming you can handle with just plain noise, Her Candane has created a blend of chaos and abrasiveness that is only comprehendible and appreciated if you follow the type of music they play. No Battle! comes enhanced for your computer with a music video for the track, “Everyone in My Band Puked on Me! Even Billy.” The music video uses a shaky camera that zooms in and out really fast while Dreu Hudson walks around screaming as its greatest special effect, so really, you’re better off not spending any time to watch it. The only downside to this release, besides the included music video is the lagging and dragging noise in between several of the songs. Other than that though, Her Candane have done well for themselves with No Battle!