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Local Review: Hoofless – Ad Nauseam

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Ad Nauseam

Street: 03.05
Hoofless = Straylight Run + Sigur Rós + Cursive

Self described as “chamber punk” and “orchestral post rock,” Hoofless have created a memorable EP with Ad Nauseam. Hoofless mix chamber music elements like cello, violin and trumpet, with the drone-y, ethereal sensibilities of The Appleseed Cast and a gloomy, moody undertone. “Doubting” opens Ad Nauseam with what sounds like a morose funeral march. Trumpet and cello mimic slow, droning, undulating themes, expanding the band’s full sound and coming back down again. This push and pull is consistent throughout Ad Nauseam, forcing the listener to appreciate both the drawn out, softer moments, and the tension release of the loud, contrasting sections. 

Each song plays with the dynamics between soft and cataclysmic, and these different parts within each piece could almost stand alone as their own songs. However, there is an underlying theme tying everything together, keeping each song cohesive through the emotional twists and turns, which structurally reminds me of movements within a symphony. With just four songs on Ad Nauseam, each song is meaty and feels like an undertaking of symphonic proportions. The best example of this is “Rise,” which starts off with an almost spooky build of tension that bubbles over into a passionate overflow, then settling into a quiet, tender section to feature Björk-like vocals, then finally and slowly builds back up to a more resolute ending. 

On top of the emotional complexity of each song, Ad Nauseam is simply mixed well and sounds great. Interspersed vocals that appear in small portions of “Rise” and “And This Too, Again and Again” add a sparkle to the intricacy of the layered instrumentals. Everything about each song seems very organic and purposeful. There is something very definitive and special about Hoofless’ music that makes Ad Nauseam worth putting into your rotation, especially if you are looking for something a little more complex, classically inspired and deliciously unpredictable. –Ali Shimkus

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