Local Review: I Am The Ocean – And Your City Needs Swallowing

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I Am The Ocean
And Your City Needs Swallowing

Uprising Records
Street: 05.15
I Am The Ocean = Katatonia + Into Another + Pink Floyd

Slick production does not a good record make, and this sucker is dangerously close to being what I would consider “over-produced.” That being said, and having seen these guys live several times, this is a record I could ultimately take or leave. It immediately invokes the ghosts of post-hardcore bands long deceased, but there’s something inherently more interesting to be found here. Just when I found myself wanting to turn it off due to its coming across as mere Hot Topic-brand metalcore, it changes direction completely and offers up a plate of “listen to me!” which cannot be ignored. The musicianship is clearly not any kind of a problem, and the vocals are incredibly distinct, almost to the point of being addictive, but this seems to be a record made by a band that’s still trying to find their identity. I congratulate these lads on a fine little piece of music, but it’s just not something that permeates well enough to find its way into heavy rotation on my stereo.