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Review: Incendiant – Self-Titled

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Jordan River Entertainment
Street: 07.15
Insentient = Morbid Angel + Immolation + Death

Incendiant have a progressive vibe on this album and every song is inherently different. Incendiant’s songwriting ability is uncanny. From album opener “Night of a Thousand Kives,” pulverizing as it grooves, or the just plain brutal blasting of “Collapse of the Light.” Nary a song on the roughly thirty minute blasterpiece sounds the same as the one before it. I honestly haven’t heard a death metal album this year that is as remotely interesting as this debut. The record’s production is clear, yet raw, allowing every note and chord’s worth of Alejandro’s (Yaotl Mictlan, Ibex Throne) guitars to be heard as well as his hate-filled vocals to resonate in the brutality pleasure center of every metalheads brain. Clif’s (The Obliterate Plague) drumming has come a long way from when I saw Incendiant play back in 05, and further establishes his drumming efforts as some of the best in the state. I hope to Satan that Incendiant will continue their efforts because with a debut this amazing it can only get better.