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Local Review: Jay Warren – Give Love

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Jay Warren
Give Love  

Street: 09.25
Jay Warren = SoMo x Gallant 

If you search hard enough, with enough perseverance, you can find hidden gems in your local music scene. Gems that emulate some of your favorite national musicians—gems that not only surprise you, but make you proud to be from the same place the musician is based. This is how I felt listening to Jay Warren’s new album, Give Love

Give Love completely took me by surprise; from the first second of the album opener, “Go Slow,” to the last second of the closer and title track, I was captivated and immediately hitting download on the entire album—something that’s rare with even my very favorite artists. Warren does something that many artists fail at with this album: combine several genres coherently under the same theme. What works is that, despite the wide range of genres present such as pop (“Go Slow”) and—of course—the more technical category under which it is listed, R&B and soul (“Truly,” “As I Am”), the theme and lyrics remain consistent throughout Give Love. Warren’s stunning, if not always versatile, vocal range ties the album together with a metaphorically crisp bow. 

Each song is catchy and there’s something for whatever mood you may be in. The uniting theme here is love: love for Warren’s own life, experiences and relationships, and on a broader level, love for music. “Dangerous Thing” proudly states, ‘Someone’s been granting all my wishes / It’s a dangerous thing / It’s a dangerous thing to be loved.”  Simply described, this album is a love letter to music itself. Dreamy lyrics and swoony soul-touching beats can be found in each of the eight tracks.

In fact, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite track on Give Love. Right now, I’m torn between “Dangerous Thing,” “Truly” and “Go Slow.” Jay Warren is a prime example of the musical genius occurring at a local level. It’s foolish to limit him as a local artist, though, because he has all the makings of a national artist: strong lyrics, exquisite vocals, a wide range of musical interests and—most of all—the ability to put together a well-balanced, authentic and heartfelt album.Palak Jayswal