Local Review: Jupassa – Attack of the Red Dinosaurs

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Attack of the Red Dinosaurs

Kitefishing Family
Jupassa = Edward Scissorhands + Ray Bradbury


If Mogwai were approached about concocting the soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas Part II: Jack Gets Funky Fresh with Kwanzaa, this is what they might come up with. Trip-hoppy electronica skips rope with quirky guitar breaks and odd futuristic rumblings, mutterings, creakings and croakings. Even Spiders-era Bowie appears from time to time in the spacey chord changes, intermittent guitar strumming and especially in the haunting, otherwordly vocals (note “Late Trips”). The suicide counsel of “Mash” is chillingly funny. Jupassa boasts members of Deliccato, so their sophistication, obliqueness and advanced songwriting should come as no surprise to the converted.