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Self Released
Street: 04.07
Kordlhan = Blank Banshee + Tycho + Gold Panda

KYOTE is a quick, sample-heavy EP by a local of Salt Lake, producer Kordlhan. This is their second full-length work to come out this year, and even with the short gap of only five months between projects, there is a marked progression of style, quality and inspiration. Kordlhan’s first work, •steez, was heavily influenced by vaporwave music and jazz. KYOTE on the other hand, has a completely different ascetic. Though still downtempo, KYOTE has an eerie vibe to it, and it much shorter and concise, making each song more mysterious.

Like Kordlhan’s past albums and tracks, KYOTE is driven by the use of samples. The song “•FALL” has an upbeat tone and uses a whistling melody that is enticing and catchy. Other songs, such as the title track and “I’m sorry,” use vocal samples that are eerie and heavily filtered, which work well with the heavy bass that is used in the background of the tracks. As a whole, the EP has a very trippy feel. The main samples from each track are vague, and it is hard to tell what language is being spoken at times, drawing the listener in.

The production quality of KYOTE is much improved from Kordlhan’s past EP. Each track is a well-balanced combination of instruments. Unlike other producers making music these days, Kordlhan stays away from trap hi-hats and snares. There are some 808 kits used in KYOTE, but they are tastefully incorporated into each track. As with •steez, it is obvious that Kordlhan has a good ear for what is coming up and what is going in the instrumental and electronic music scene. KYOTE is creepy, alluring and progressive. Keep an eye out for more local music from Korlhan, and download their past EP on kordlhan.bandcamp.com.Taylor Hartman