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Local Review: Little Barefoot – Never Always

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Little Barefoot
Never Always

The Sand Cave
Streets: 11.14
Little Barefoot = She & Him + Life in Film

Logan, Utah’s Little Barefoot hit November with their brand-new album, Never Always. This quirky indie album is the perfect goodbye to the warmth of summer and an excellent welcome to the playfulness of winter. Taylor Ross Wilson (vocals, bass, synth, guitar, piano), Natalie Beck (vocals), Benton Wood (vocals, guitar, bass) Josh Miksesell (drums) and a handful of other featured artists came together to create a fresh, fun take on indie rock.

Never Always kicks off with a tune called “Good Wife.” Wilson’s calm, silky vocals greet the listener almost immediately, and the piano, guitar and drums build behind him as he describes the life and dreams of a young man. This song is a gorgeous story of young love—a message conveyed not only in the lyrics, but also in the lighthearted melodies of this piece. Beck’s vocals create a feeling of unity in the piece, like the young husband and the ‘good wife’ are singing the song together, or that the supporting vocals symbolize love and support. The trumpet shines among the guitars, shakers and subtle drumming throughout this song, creating a great amount of interest and a feeling of triumph. It’s a lovely song, perfectly chosen to open the album. In 6 minutes and 53 seconds, the talents and elements that will be featured in the next 12 songs are showcased perfectly.

My favorite song on the album is easily track three, “Party in Your Honor.” It’s a magical ditty that starts out with playful “roo-doos,” sung by Wilson’s family, and bouncy piano. Wilson’s vocals meet with his family’s and paint a picture of a garden party thrown in celebration of a certain someone. This song exudes so much sweetness that it’s impossible not to smile or dance. Through the classic indie tropes, this song is full of surprising, synth-y quirks and unique spins to make it sound like something you’ve never heard before.

Whether you’ve been listening to indie for the last 10 years, or if you’re just barely stepping foot into the local music scene, Never Always is the perfect album for anyone that needs a fresh listen. The lyrics are simple and to the point, which complements the intricacies of the instrumentals throughout the album well. There are feelings of sweetness, vulnerability and even innocence laced in each song, which is exactly why it’s going to be one of my top listens during this winter season. It’s a good album for “feeling the feels.” Never Always is available on and any upcoming shows can be found at  Zaina Abujebarah