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Local Review: Alyxandri Jupiter – Out of Body Experience

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Alyxandri Jupiter
Out of Body Experience

Street: 02.23
Alyxandri Jupiter = Cecil Otter + Glass Animals + Hiatus Kaiyote

Alyxandri Jupiter is a local hip-hop and house artist that wants to transport her listeners to a dreamlike plane. Her latest EP release, Out of Body Experience, takes listeners on a funky “space trip” with psychedelic tracks that discuss out-of-body experiences and lucid dreaming.

Out of Body Experience opens with “Lionsgate” and then into “Lucid Dreams,” a track that has sexy waves of low-dropped notes and a heavy dance beat. The background music repeats trance-like electronics as Jupiter sings about psychedelics and their various effects. It’s a Queen of the Damned dream mixed with disco club feels that leaves the listener feeling vibrant and confident. The lyrics, “Step into the circle / All I see is purple … / Start to feel anxiety but then I let go / I let go,” invite listeners to join  Jupiter in her hypnagogic experience.

“Lucid Dreams” combines a disco vibe with a bit of electronic funk. The track incorporates various percussion, adding variety and flavor to classic disco beats. Jupiter’s vocals are top-notch, and this track also has a great section of rap near the end. The sounds of “The Summit” are reminiscent of Madonna’s “Vogue.” Jupiter’s confidence craftily sneaks into her songs, including lyrics, “After all, life is just a test / And I’ma ace it. / I’ma ace it.” Jupiter adds more disco to each track, morphing the listener’s psychedelic experience into a groovy, energetic dance party.

The final track is “Found Between Sound (Soul Searchin’),” which feels like the end of a great night of clubbing, drinking and dancing. It alludes back to “Lucid Dreams” with a slower beat, the gravity of which pulls the album back down to earth after its elaborate trip to outer space.

Alyxandri Jupiter is definitely going to be a name we hear more of in the future. Her combined education in turntablism, vocal and musical talent and overall outlook on life are a triple threat in the hip-hop communities. Take your mind on a space trip with Out of Body Experience, which can be listened to at or visit Jupiter’s website at Don’t miss SLUG Magazine’s exclusive podcast interview with Jupiter (, which details how Jupiter creates her own fantasy world within and around her music. –Alex Vermillion