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Local Review: Marla Stone – Self-titled

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Marla Stone

Anvileater Records
Street: 01.17
Marla Stone = Temples * Jesus on Dope

Marla Stone is exactly the kind of band I want to see setting up at every house party I go to. They’ve got a sound that puts me inside a packed basement, head-banging and rocking out to loud, fuzzy riffs amidst a jumping crowd. Guitars trading bars, bass keeping things dirty, and drum fills that keep everyone tied up tight are what Marla Stone is all about. This debut is a strong entrance into the Salt Lake repertoire, and has me stoked to see Marla Stone jamming it live!

Washed out vocals and languid, drippy guitar licks offer Marla Stone a stoner-psych sound which the band seems to have a blast performing. Heavy guitar riffage, screaming guitar melodies, and a sick harmonica solo at the end of “Mountain Wedding” all have me hopping up and down with the band’s pulse. Perhaps the most satisfying thing about Marla Stone is how much they sound like a team. There’s no stepping on each other’s toes—everyone is supporting each other, and their distorted, fuzzed out sound just falls right into place.

There are few ways for an album to please me more than by throwing in as much guitar soloage as possible. On that metric, Marla Stone scores very highly, as their verses often pass the melody between fx-ed up vocals and screamin guitar licks. Be forewarned about listening to “Wine Daze!” It is extremely catchy, and I haven’t been able to stop humming the final riff all week—despite that (or perhaps because of it), it’s my favorite song on the album with guitars blazing off on screeching licks the whole time.

This album almost feels like a teaser for a Marla Stone live show. It’s short, sweet, full of groove, and at every moment has me thinking I’m in the room listening to the band live. Marla stone can be found on AppleMusic or Spotify. Of course, if you’re real hip, you can also order yourself Marla Stone on cassette tape from Anvileater Records . If you’re into lots of riffage and tearin guitar solos don’t miss out on the fuzz fest that is Marla Stone. –Alex Blackburn