Local Music Review: Together Forever – I DO

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Together Forever

Self Released
Street: 11.28.2017
Together Forever = The Jesus Lizard + Big Black + Scratch Acid

The best way I can describe the auditory assault you’re going to get by Together Forever is to tell you to fill up your bathtub with rubbing alcohol, paper cut the shit out of yourself, and then jump in that tub and thrash around with your toaster tied around your neck. Don’t forget that you’ll need an extension cord to really make that toaster pop.

From minute one to the very end of this album I felt like I needed to go out and pummel something. Since I live in the mountains, I chose to put on a headlamp and chase rednecks around the Wal Mart parking lot screaming at the top of my lungs with this rocker blazing in my Chevette’s shitty speakers. This release is cacophonic, loud, abrasive, slightly melodic and bursting at the seams with discordant guitar, head-wagging riffery, and all around powerful songwriting. Put this one at the front of your local badass release list. I can feel the Andy Patterson sonic undertow tricking my ears, but to make a band sound solid, you have to have a solid band. This one is solid as they get. I’m going to go out there and say that this is my favorite recent local release.

Kudos to Ben Dodds, Josh West, and Whil McCutchan for bringing the thunder. If this is what the kids are up to nowadays in the big city, then I approve. When I listen to an album like this, I’m reminded of the ‘good ol’ days’ of noise rock. Way back then this kind of album would be considered ‘dangerous’ and probably would have a Parental Discretion sticker attached to the cover. This is the kind of band that would get Tipper Gore’s hackles up, and Dee Snider would have to testify before Congress about them. Feel the noise, and get ready to have your ass rocked off. –Jeremy Cardenas