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Local Review: The Myster-E – Beautifully Human / The Waiting Room

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The Myster-E
Beautifully Human / The Waiting Room

Street: 08.01.16
The Myster-E = Aesop Rock + The Fugees + Mos Def

Local MC The Myster-E is bringing back old school sounds in a big way to the Salt Lake City scene with the release of dual albums Beautifully Human and The Waiting Room. Each album is very well produced and mixed, and there is a very professional sound to both.  The Myster-E creates music with passion and care, which is rare and refreshing to hear, especially for a local act. Although Beautifully Human and The Waiting Room are stylistically different, they each maintain the same old school theme and musicianship throughout.

Beautifully Human has a softer feel to it. Songs like “Just Smile” and “Lonely Road” deal with themes of overcoming hardship and being a good person no matter what. The Myster-E frequently mentions his daughter, how he wants to raise her, and life as a single dad. These themes are inspiring and refreshing in the world of hip-hop music, and it brings the listener that much closer to the musician’s life. The Myster-E even incorporates quotes from his daughter, which act as good intermissions throughout the album and bring more relatability to his themes.

The Waiting Room takes on a more experimental note. In some songs, The Myster-E takes on a more R&B tone, which is a good break and quite beautiful. At other times, the production is more experimental, but The Myster-E raps over every beat with ease. Like Beautifully Human, the listener gets a glimpse into the life of Myster-E in The Waiting Room. We find out what it was like for the MC to grow up in Salt Lake, his trials and tribulations, and how he overcame.  It is fun to dive into each of these albums and witness the stories as they unfold.

Across the board, The Myster-E is a great lyricist. It is obvious that he has mastered his craft, and is using rap as a vehicle to deliver the messages he wants to send. The vocal quality of the singing, the production, and every other facet of these albums is very high, which shows the great amount of time and care put in at every point. Both Beautifully Human and The Waiting Room are great examples of what hip-hop music can be, and how creation of art can be not only an expression, but a tool for growth and change. Give these albums a listen and look out for more releases from The Myster-E. —Taylor Hartman