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Not Enough

Street: 2.14

Zigga, a Salt Lake native, has been classified in the genre of pop, funk and hip-hop, but his newest album, Not Enough, incorporates the most rock inspiration yet. “Thank You For Not Leaving” especially utilizes instruments to create a rock-inspired flavor. 

The standout strength in this album is the guitar. A similar guitar sound follows the music throughout the piece: Electric and echoing, it creates a slow feeling while a drum beat often speeds up the top layer of the song. The consistent electric guitar adds to the rock feeling, but don’t get me wrong—this is still a hip-hop album. 

The album is generally melancholy, save a couple light spots like “Tastes Like Heaven.” This orange-flavored track strolls along while the lyrics bask in sweet love, sounding as if Zigga may be swaying in the park, singing with each step.

The album circles around love—specifically one muse. Though the lyrics are focused on this topic, I question how sincere they are. Many of the lyrics seem to echo popular songs about love, making me wonder if this album is based on Zigga’s experience falling in love or if he just wrote it to sing about love. The closing track, “Holding On,” is a clean tie-off for the project: It has a hopeful tone to it that’s felt missing for most of the album. The lyrics ask a simple question, leaving the ending open for the audience to answer.

Regardless, Zigga loves making music, and it’s clear in the way he talks about it as well as the way he creates. It’s refreshing to find an artist who truly creates just for the love of it—Zigga brings that freshness to the table. He grows with each album, so Not Enough was a natural extension of his past projects. –Harper Haase

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