The Fall EP
Street: 05.01.12
A Lily Gray = Dead Letter Circus + Ashes Divide
Local rock group A Lily Gray has released a solid and highly enjoyable EP with The Fall. The album is ethereal and emotive, a bit more complex than most standard rock, but not quite stepping into any “progressive” territory, and has a strong foundation in the complementary sound of the music with singer David Lynn’s unique and far-reaching, clean vocals. Woven throughout and underneath are clear lines of influence from Tool and Deftones, and some sections also conjure shades of Shinedown. “The Fall” is their strongest single track on this four-song EP, with a supremely catchy melody and guitar work reminiscent of Billy Howerdel’s upbeat, string-tripping style. (Really, fans of any of Howerdel’s projects would not be disappointed.) There is a great, heavy ending to the EP’s closer “Adaline” that makes me excited to hear more from this group’s secret stash. A Lily Gray is a group that has a cohesive vision, passionate delivery and a bright future.