Exigent Records
Street: 10.19.12
Accidente = Acid Tiger + The Blood Brothers
With an opening track eye-catchingly titled “Listen Bitch,” Accidente kick off their most recent endeavor with a chunky bass line as frontman Peter Mackowski emits sarcastic, guttural growls that build into a riffy number. Mackowski continues the growls into “Pundit” with the aid of the band’s piquant sense of guitar melody that is always in motion as the band chants, “It’s all so black and white!” “Roofie Closet” continues Accidente’s sardonic attitude with the opening lyrical line, “You know what I want, baby …” (Read the title), which jumps into rock n’ roll hooks and bends atop a bossy rhythm section. My one slight criticism of the release is that sometimes the constant shifting of the guitar parts loses itself in a wash that forsakes dynamics, not allowing the instrumental mastery to shine through. “Death-Blood-Skulls-Dragons-and-Stuff,” however, shows Accidente using more demarcated riffs that evidence their ability to break their mold and use this energy to finish out the album with finesse.