Street: 08.14
Allred = Lawson + Yellowcard + City And Colour
In comparison to their last album, Allred’s latest release is quite subdued. You won’t find any reverb on the lead guitar, and the vocals at a lower tone are more effective. Past and present considered, I do like this band’s guitar work. The lead guitar provides an atmospheric sound on “Come Back” and, when coupled with the violin on “In Slow Motion,” the same effect is accomplished. The songs as a whole sound like a long love letter. Although the lyrics sound honest, they tend to be overdone. Considering the repeated emotions and John Allred’s vocals, the album plays like a boy band’s attempt at a soft rock album or modern alternative country. I even thought of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” minus the female vocals, during “Here.” Nonetheless, Allred continues to make radio-worthy music.