Andrew Maguire’s Art Project
Artsy As Fuk
Street: 06.11
Andrew Maguire’s Art Project = Jonathan Richman + Gary Wilson – Elvis Costello

“Artsy” is in the eye or—in this case—ear of the beholder. Usually, “art” in conjunction with rock music makes one think of turgid, overblown prog rock, but Andrew Maguire’s Art Project have a punkish garage band energy that’s infectious, awkward and fun—full of “art school confidential” type self-referentiality and fake gossip. I haven’t seen them play live, but I imagine them wearing thin ties and cheesy plastic ’80s-style sunglasses. They would have been at home on the Stiff Records label. Andrew sings, “Go ahead, take a picture of me, archetype of the young and free,” and his tongue is very much in cheek. These extended rambles will make you want to make your own “art project.” –Stakerized!