Aquatic Ghost Colony
Pen Pal
Street: 05.23.12
Aquatic Ghost Colony = Au Revoir Simone + Drew Danburry
Growing up LDS, I’ve heard one or two ward talent-show prodigies. Pen Pal reminded me of a product of something that a family might sing together at such an event, but that might have only made itself manifest after Tiana, who I’m guessing is under 8 but over 4 years old, sings on “Sunflower Princess.” Pen Pal is filled with acoustic guitar, whistling and some nice atmospheric rain effects, which come across as charming. “Hot Air Balloon” embodies a nostalgic ambience: One may recollect a journey with the elements of life floating by, as the various sound effects come in and then slowly fade out, all muddling with a fuzzy edge to give it a vintage feel. –Brinley Froelich