Vol. 2
Street: 08.05
AudioTreats = Pretty Lights + CHVRCHES / Rustie

I’m stunned by the quality of music that has come out of Utah’s EDM scene as of late. AudioTreats’ Vol. 2 is no exception. This album is a hypnotic tapestry of hip-hop and electronica. Each track is incredibly fluid, and they each fit together in perfect harmony. Utilizing enchanting vocals and killer drum sequences, this collection is an amazing creation. I really couldn’t be more excited about this release. “Farewell Part A.” and “Farewell Part B.” were two totally complementary and completely standout tracks on this album. Sinuous and seductive, these songs will slowly lull you down into the deepest depths of AudioTreats’ mind. Trust me, you’ll want to just go with it. –Kamryn Feigel