Baby Ghosts
Ghost Walk
Street: 11.08.14
Baby Ghosts = P.S. Eliot + Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Baby Ghosts feel like a lo-fi and pop mixture of American Football and Belle & Sebastian. Ghost Walk is their collection of rare songs, B-sides and covers that stay true to their Facebook bio as ”sad and cute at the same time.” I started listening to this album during a spiral of depression, but the sweet, haunting riffs carried me up into an otherworldly space that was lonesome, yet echoed with familiarity like the ghosts that float through the album. Anxiety and depression and keyboard combine into the beautiful chorus of “am I here now/or am I just a ghost lost in the crowd?” in “Crash.” Voices melt together, reminiscent of Siouxsie & the Banshees, but a few octaves higher and more poppy. “Ghost Privilege” stands out as my favorite on the album, closely followed by their cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams” that is sleepy and sweet. Ghost Walk feels good to listen to when down. I want to hear this album live with everyone singing along to “Love Me Buy Can’t,” and I also cry alone to “Existed.” There’s plenty to love about this album if you enjoy the tunes of P.S. Eliot and Waxahatchee. –Taylor Hoffman