Baby Gurl
A Name And A Blessing
Beastly Reality Records
Street: 02.07
Baby Gurl = Accidente + Lightning Bolt + Hella
After seeing these guys perform live in May, it is clear to me that Baby Gurl have captured a sound that is unlike any other band in Utah. With nothing but a bass player ( Chris Wadsworth ), some electronic toys and a drum set ( Jordan Fairbanks ), the sound that comes out of this album is big and beautiful. Skin-beating math beats, a driving bassline and some sophisticated electronic looping are the hallmarks of every song. It’s hard to pick a favorite out of this album because it’s that solid. Songs like “Tune In The Key Of Pussy” are musically complex and have great comedic timing. “Tweaker Time” is a sort-of mini concept album about smoking meth and waking up in a strange backyard. Another fine example of their comedic skills is “James,” which has some of my favorite lyrics this year, starting with “Watch out motherfuckers/I’m going to run you over/In my electric wheelchair.” “James” makes you want to put the top down on your car and blast it for everyone to hear. I look forward to hearing about their tour with Yaktooth this summer where they’ll be playing with Portland’s finest, Gaytheist . Find their album on Bandcamp or better yet, see these guys live. – Alex Cragun